Hey there, welcome to my new blog.  I recently took a position at Obscene Magazine, a local entertainment magazine based in Southern California. While I don’t have an official title, I am basically the music director. I’ll be writing music reviews and articles, doing the design and layout of the music pages, and various other graphics works.  Along with my frugalflies.com partner Mike, I will also being editing, assigning and developing music related articles.

The magazine focuses on more popular or mainstreams artists, as well as upcoming local artists.  Because my personal musical tastes vary from the mainstream, I decided to start this blog as an outlet for my reviews and articles on more obscure or eclectic artists.  I will also post some of my artwork and designs. 

So check back often, I hope to post several times a week, if not daily.



~ by silentium1 on June 15, 2009.

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