Abstract Rude – Rejuvenation

ab rudeOf all the Project Blowed MC’s Abstract Rude has always been my favorite.  He has one of the best voices and flows in the industry. Unfortunately, he hasn’t ever delivered a solid album. He’s had some great songs and some great performances, but his albums fail to bring the heat throughout. 

When AB announced he had signed with Rhymesayers Entertainment to release his new album, my first thought was how great AB would sound over beats by Ant, but it was announced a little later that production would be handled by Vitamin D.  I know Vitamin D is supposed to be one of the undergrounds best producers, but he really hasn’t impressed me much.  His beats are nice, he just doesn’t break any ground and unfortunate, “Rejuvenation” doesn’t break any ground either.  There are a few good tracks, such as “Tomorry”, but over all the beats are simple and while Ab does flow nicely, the album is lackluster, as with many recent releases, this will satisfy fans but won’t entice new ones.


~ by silentium1 on June 22, 2009.

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