New Music

Heard some new music over the weekend:

Daturah are a German band, in the vein of Isi/Pelican/Red Sparrowes. The most recent album, Reverie is an excellent album that I sadly overlooked when it was released last year.

Dredg are a California band with what I have heard called a modern rock sound. Not sure what that means exactly, but musically these guys are really good. Good, solid rock with a tinge of electronica, emo and punk. I’m not completely sold n the band, as I said , musically its really good, but the vocals are a little weak in an emo kind of way.

Subarachnoid Space – Don’t know much about this band, but that will change. Their most recent album, Eight Bells is an excellent piece of dark metal, with a touch of the psychedelic.

Rammstein The new single, Pussy, has been released and its not bad, the chorus is a little cheesy, but Rammstein has always towed the line between the good and the cheesy.

Question & Freddie Joachim – Study Guide: Just some good, down tempo instrumental hip-hop, heavy on the jazz influence.

Earthless – Rhythms From a Cosmic Sky: Another album from a few years back. Earthless are on a jam band space vibe. Three songs, two are 20+ minutes instrumentals and the third song is a shorter, vocal piece. Simply great rock!


~ by silentium1 on September 21, 2009.

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