Diablo Swing Orchestra – “Sing Along Songs for the Damned”

coverDiablo Swing Orchestra are a Swedish avant-garde metal band that, while I had heard of them a few years ago, I never really gave them a good listen. However, I just listened to they’re new album, Sing Along Songs for the Damned. It is an interesting album, to say the least.  It is a combination of classical music, big band swing, metal, European folk, show tunes and even a little opera; amazingly, it somehow works. It’s not like some other metal bands who throw in a little jazz breakdown or add an operatic vocal to the chorus, this album is a complete hybrid of all those styles.

A Tap Dancers Dilemma gets things moving with a jazzy swing rhythm with a touch of heavy guitar work. A Rancid Romance has a waltz rhythm and operatic female vocals and some Serg Tankian like male vocals. Lucy fears the Morning Star starts out with classical march, moves into an opera passage, than breaks into an industrial gothic vibe and finishes with some Latin jazz tinged tribal rhythms. New World Windows, Rricerca Dell’Anima and Vodka Inferno are the most straight forward metal songs on the album.  Memoirs of a Roadkill is a folk/jazz acoustic guitar track.

Musically, this album is really interesting and it is actually really good.  The band does an excellent job of combing the various musical elements.  The arrangements are very well done and everyone involved are great musicians.  Vocally, the album is a little more difficult to get into. They range from opera to spoken word to gothic singing to jazz stylings.  However, after a few listens, it really grew on me and I actually can appreciate what they did here. 

This album is not for everyone, but if you’re open-minded and prefer your music to be unorthodox and eclectic, I would recommend this album.


~ by silentium1 on September 23, 2009.

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