Hip Hop ’09

I’ve been disappointed with hip hop over the last few years; there really haven’t been many releases that have inspired me. However, 2009 has actually been a pretty good year. We’ve seen some great releases from P.O.S., Brother Ali, Dälek, as well as the Del/Tame One collaboration.  Here are few more recent releases that have helped inspire a renewed interest in the art form:


BK-One – Radio do Canibal

bkBK-One, also known as Brother Ali’s DJ, teams up with Benzilla to produce a fantastic release with a stellar line up of  guest appearances, including  Black Thought, Grouch, Aceyalone, Myka 9, Abstract Rude, Raekwon, Slug, Brother Ali, P.O.S. and  Murs. The sound is blues/jazz with a healthy dose of Brazilian funk.




Anti-Pop Consortium – Fluorescent Black

antipopAntipop were the epitome of the independent artist for years, especially with their classic release, “Tragic Kingdom.”  After taking a few years off, they’re back and haven’t missed a step, dropping abstract rhymes over their unique brand of electro-hop beats. 




DJ Spooky – The Secret Song

spookyA decade ago, DJ Spooky was dropping all kinds of albums.  Each had some great tracks, but overall, the albums fell a little flat. Now, on his first studio album on many years, DJ Spooky has taken jazz, dub, hip hop, electronica, and a little rock and blended them to create a solid, cohesive work of art.  With help from Boots Riley, Rob Swift, Zimbabwe Legit, Mike G from the Jungle Brothers, Vijay Iyer, Mike Ladd, Thurston Moore and The Post-Modern Jazz Quartet, “The Secret Song” is a sonic masterpiece.


Jay Are – The 1960’s Jazz Revolution Again

jay areJay Are is collaboration between J Rawls and John Robinson of Sciencz of Life. It features some excellent jazz based tracks, however, considering the albums title, I expected a little heavier jazz vibe.  There are a few missteps, but overall, it’s a pretty good album. 




Wax Tailor – In the Mood for Life

waxWhile it still may be a uniquely American art form, hip hop has spread world wide and some of the best music has come form overseas.  Wax Tailor, a French producer and DJ, is no exception.  Over the last few years, Wax Tailor has released music that is very moody and atmospheric.  Balancing a mix of classic mid-90’s hip hop, soul and unique vocal samples from old movies, his music is very moving and soulful.




So, as I said, it’s been a good year for hip hop, and we still have a few more releases with potential to come before the year is out:

  • Masta Ace & Edo G – Arts and Entertainment (Nov 3)
  • Themselves – Crownsdown (Nov 3)
  • Gift of Gab – Escape 2 Mars (Nov 3)
  • MF Doom – Unexpected Guest (Nov 10)
  • Rakim – 7th Seal (Nov 1)
  • The Roots – How I Got Over (TBD)
  • The Beastie Boys – Hot Sauce Committee Pt 1 (TBD)

~ by silentium1 on October 20, 2009.

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