Dead By Sunrise & 50 Cent Reviews

Here are a couple of quick reviews I originally wrote for Obscene, but I ran out of room and since these were both a little negative, I pulled them.  But instead of letting them go to waste, I thought I would publish them here.

Dead By Sunrise – Out Of Ashes

Dead By Sunrise is a new group formed by Chester from Linkin Park. Basically if you take Linkin Park, remove everything even remotely good, you would end up with something like “Out of Ashes.” Typically, an artist will start a side band to explore new avenues. But in this case, we just ended up with what sounds like a marginally talented band doing a poor Linkin Park impersonation.  If you’re a huge Linkin Park fan and need a Chester fix between albums, you will probably like this, but otherwise, I would stay away.

50 Cent – Before I Self Destruct

Never been impressed with 50 Cent and never understood why he was so successful.  I don’t think he brought anything to the game.  Beats were never that great, most were boring.  Lyrically, nothing of substance and even for Gangsta rap, a genre not really known for lyricism, 50 Cent was far from the impressive.  Before I Self Destruct is no exception.  Every song here would fit right in on his past albums, so I guess if you liked his other records, you’ll like this, but otherwise, there’s nothing worthwhile here.


~ by silentium1 on December 22, 2009.

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