I’m back

I know it’s been awhile, been pretty busy. Coached my boys T-Ball team and coached my oldest daughters softball team and my middle girl played t-ball as well. So my days have been pretty much all about sports for the last 3 months. The two little ones are done, so now I have a few regular season games and then playoffs for my girls softball. Were 8-5, and in third place. We have the talent to win, lets just hope the girls can get it together!

So now that my time is being freed up a bit, I should start posting more often. I have some reviews I’m working on. There have been some good releases recently, Red Sparowes, Twilight (not the movie, the black metal band), Sage Francis, Cathedral, Cypress Hill and KMFDM. There’s also some upcoming releases to watch for, such as the Hawkwind Triad, Soulfly, Nas & Damian Marley, Grails, Danzig, Nachtmystium, The Roots, The High Confessions and most importantly, the Lamb of God best of/rarety/vinyl collections. Its gonna be a good few months.


~ by silentium1 on May 11, 2010.

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