Overlooked MC’s

When people talk about the greatest MC’s of all time, it’s always Eminem, Biggie, JayZ, Tupac, Rakim, or KRS.  Personally, with the exception of Rakim & KRS, those MCs are all over rated.  There are other MCs out there that are better, st least in my opinion. With peoples different tastes and experiences, we will never be able to agree on who the best is, but I think we can all agree that there are some MCs that are great, but rarely get thrown in to the GOAT conversation. 

Here are five MCs that are often overlooked but in reality should be considered:

(to be included here, they have to have contributed to a classic album.  Also, I’m keeping it in the so-called golden age of hip-hop (’88-’92)

Brother J (X Clan)
Brother J has one of the best voices in hip-hop, smooth and funky, with a great flow. His lyrics say more in a few bars then most MCs say in an entire album.
e.g: Raise the Flag, Earth Bound

Butterfly (Digable Planets)
Probably the smoothest voice in hip-hop.  Butterfly packed his lyrics with all kinds of  political and social references, along with a  smooth jazz cat vernacular.
e.g: Graffiti, Pacifics

Shock G (Digital Underground)
Whether he was rappin’ as himself, Humpty Hump or one of his many other aliases,  Shock always sounded nice.  He could drop serious rhymes, silly wordplay or break out in a funky croon.
e.g: No Nose Job, Freaks of the Industry

Both Trugoy and Posdnous arer greta MC’s but Pos always stood out to me.  Using clever wordplay, his lyrics always had a deeper meaning that sometimes took many listens to get.
e.g: My Brothers a Basehead, Peas Porridge

Dres (Black Sheep)
Often overlooked by the more well know members of the Native Tongues, Dres in rewality was one of the crews best lyricists. Not only a smooth voice, he could flow fast or smooth.
e.g: Similak Child, Black With N.V.

Honarable mentions:

King T – one of the earlier LA gangster rappers.
e.g: Bass, Played Like A Piano

MC Eiht – Another west coast gangster rapper, but Compton’s Most Wanted debut is a classic.
e.g: Late Night Hype, Pne Time Gaffled ‘Em Up

Schooly D – The original gangetr rapper, Schooly D set the stage for all that followed.
e.g: Smoke Some Kill, Significant Rapper

Masta Ace – Ace is an MCs MC, no gimmicks, just lyrics.
e.g.: Take a Look Around, Me and the Biz

Chuck D – While he may not be the best lyricist, he does say more then pretty much any other MC.
e.g.: Rebel without a Pause, Black Steel in the Hour of Chaos


~ by silentium1 on June 30, 2010.

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