Boris & Ian Astbury – BXI

Over the years, Boris has reinvented itself with each release, while always firmly rooted in sludge metal, they always experiment with thrash, rock, jazz, prog and the occasional pop element.  It may not always work but it is always interesting.  With their latest release, BXI, we see the band teaming up with Ian Astbury from The Cult and more recently filling in for Jim Morrison in The Doors.

 It may be a little short for a Boris album, four songs and twenty minutes long, but it packs a lot into those few minutes. Boris and Astbury meet halfway, creating a true collaboration between two very different artists.  Boris tones down the sludge and delivers a solid rock performance with flourishes of their heaver sound and Astbury weaves his trademark voice around the metal tinged tracks.

 A surprise highlight of the album is when Astbury sits one out on “Rain”, a cover of the classic Cult song, which is sung by Boris’s female guitarist Wata, whose subdued vocals add an ethereal quality to the song.

 “BXI” is an excellent release, albeit a little short, which left me wanting more.  Hopefully we’ll see another release in the future.


~ by silentium1 on August 18, 2010.

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