Twilight – Monument to Time End

Twilight are basically an underground black metal super group. Consisting of members of such revered acts as Nachtmystium, Minsk, Leviathan and Isis, Twilight brings a wide array of talent and influence. While firmly rooted in black-metal, “Monument To Time End” does not fall for the many classic black metal clichés. The most notable difference is the drum work. Instead of relying on blast beats, the songs are full of break downs, complex rhythms and different timing signatures. Where other black metal groups use the drums as merely a background, something to keep the song on track, Twilight uses the drums as the foundation, while everything else stems from them.

The songs start heavy, but they quickly evolve, allowing the atmosphere to build before crashing down into a swirl of rage. The addition of melodic acoustic passages further expands the atmosphere, bringing warmth to otherwise cold and harsh music.

“Monument to Time End” is a groundbreaking record that should be a defining moment for black-metal.


~ by silentium1 on August 19, 2010.

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