Haven’t been here a while but I have been working on some stuff.  I ending up writng and/or designing 15 pages in the last issue of Obscene, I will post those shortly.  I also did interviews with Red Sparowes.  I’ve been a huge fan since their first release, so that was an honor to interview them.  I’ll be posting that interview today.

I also did some interviews with two local up & coming groups.  And I just finished an interview with Ruthless, she’s a tattoo artists from that show LA Ink.  I’m working on editing all of those interviews and doing the layouts for their inclusion in the next issue of Obscene.  The actual articles in the magazine will be edited down so that they will fit the space available but I will probably be posting the entire interviews here pretty soon.

Over the last few months I also had the opportunity to see Kylesa, Torch & High on Fire at the Glass House in Pomona.  I also went down to Silverlake and had the best Thai food in Southern Califonia at Leela Thai.  The Heavenly Chicken is to die for.  While in SIlverlake, I also saw Fatso Jetson and The Ancestors at Spaceland.  Black Math Horseman was supposed to perform but due to an injury, Fatso Jeston filled in.  Great show!  Ancestors were great, played a new song.


~ by silentium1 on November 24, 2010.

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