Best of 2010 – Update

I need to make a quick update to my Best of 2010 lists.  I have two albums, both of which I came across late last year, but unfortunately did not have the time to give either of them a good listen.  Now that I have listened to both extensively, I know both definite candidates for the best of 2010.

The first album is “Empire” by Scott Colley. This is simply a beautiful record. 

Scott Colley is a jazz bassist who has played with some of the best and “Empire” is his latest as band leader.  The record has a rather mellow, west coast vibe to it, but it is also heavily stepped in American.  The album features a full lineup including trumpet, piano, drums, guitar and bass, but it is really the interplay between Colley and guitarist Bill Frisell that make this album so dynamic.

The other album is Sun Rooms by Jason Adasiewicz.

This is another modern Jazz album that I think is incredible.  It’s a simple yet classic lineup: bass, drums and vibes. I’ve always loved a vibe trio, there’s something about vibes that just swings and this album is no exception, its swings all the way through.

As a long time jazz fan, I typically focus on the classics and rarely hear any thing modern that excites me, but both of these albums have sparked a desire in me to find more modern Jazz.  And for me, that’s the best thing I can say about a record, if it’s able to excite me enough to look for more, its got to be good.


~ by silentium1 on January 10, 2011.

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