Baptists – 7” EP

When I’m stressed or frustrated, nothing sooths my nerves better then a thick slab of something hardcore.  Some days it takes that angry political hip-hop like Public Enemy or Amerikkka’s Most Wanted era IceCube.  Other days it takes some hardcore punk like the Dead Kennedys or the Bad Brains.  But more often then not, it’s been heavy metal that’s saved my life.  The heavy drone of Sunn 0))) and Earth, The thrash of Trap Them, The blackened nihilism of Nachtmystium, Twilight and Deathspell Omega. Maybe it’s just my taste in music that has changed or maybe I’m just so fed up with the world that it takes this kind if extreme musical violence to calm my nerves.  Regardless of the reason, hardcore is saving my life.

Now, after a very trying few weeks, as my nerves were being pulled and twisted in every direction, I came across this release by Vancouver based Baptists,  and after listening to it over and over again for the last 3 hours, I am relaxed and ready to tackle the world.

A 4 track ep released on 7” by those purveyors of quality metal, Southern Lord, this record is less then 15minutes but it’s packed to the brim with spastic hardcorenesss.  With a Converge/Trap Them style hardcore style, its fast, angry and full of aggressive guitars, complex, jazzy drumming, and sludgy baselines.  


~ by silentium1 on February 28, 2011.

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