OvO – Cor Corvium

I like music that is interesting.  Music that makes you think a little. Music that makes you question things.  Music that tips convention on it side. Music that scares people. I like it when an artist makes you wonder if it’s even music at all. The Italian/German noise/doom/experimental/freak-out duo of OvO do all of that.  They make really interesting music that makes me think and question reality.  They’re a little scary at times and there are many moments where I’m not even sure they’re making music at all. And I love every minute of it. All too often bands get caught up trying to fit the mold and it’s refreshing when a band just goes all out and follows their evil black heart wherever it may take them.

Pulling elements from doom, black metal, noise, folk and drone, OvO create a terrifying, yet groovy vibe that will keep you bobbing your head while scaring your pants off.  The duo have put a few albums out since the turn of the century and are about to release their latest slab of evil, “Cor Cordium” in April on Supernatural Cat records


~ by silentium1 on February 28, 2011.

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