Weedeater – Jason…the Dragon

From the sludgy, swamp bass lines to the crunchy, fuzzy, fused-out riffs to the thunderous drums to the smoky dragon and skull pipe artwork, everything on “Jason…the Dragon,” the latest release from that North Carolina band of stoned rockers, Weedaeter, reeks of sticky green buds.

On “Jason…the Dragon”, the songs roll along in a weed induced haze and heaviness abounds here.  It was produced by Steve Albini, so, sonically, you know the record sounds good, but does the music?  For the most, it really does sound good. The album is a little short, not quite 35 minutes, which is, in of itself, not necessarily a bad thing, but considering about ten of those minutes are made up of filler and not real songs, it leaves you wanting for more when the album winds ups. But when the band ratchets it up and gets going, the music is solid.

They start things off with a little intro that features a “Lord of the Ring”/”Hobbit” sounding spoken word piece. The feedback from the intro rolls into “Hammerhandle” which gets things going pretty good.  The feedback continues to connect the first part of the album and before you know it, you’ve rolled through “Mancoon,” “Turkey Walock” and the title track. All of the songs sound similar but are unique in their own right. The album then takes a side track with “Palms and Opium,” a weird little piece of twangy guitar and distorted vocals. They step things back up again with “Long Gone.” Then theirs the minute long drum solo of “March of the Bipolar Bear.” The last real song is “Homecoming,” which is a great song, one that would have been a great closer.  However, the actual closer is just six minutes of filler. “Whiskey Creek” sounds like the band was sitting on a porch in the swamp playing banjo and acoustic bass for a few minutes,  then after a minute or so of silence, a piano ditty closings things off.  I would have liked the banjo part to lead into one last sludge fill dirge.  Don’t get me wrong, I actually like the “Palms and Opium” and “Whiskey Creek” and they do add to the overall sound and presentation of the album, I just would have like a little more music. 

The album is being released by Southern Lord and is available, by mail-order, on clear green vinyl for only $13; it’s a good deal for what is, overall, a pretty good record.  By the way, between Nails, the Corrosion of Conformity 7”, the two Earth records and the Baptists 7”, Southern Lord is on a roll these days and “Jason…the Dragon” fits perfectly with this lineup. 


~ by silentium1 on March 14, 2011.

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