Some New (at least to me) Releases

Here are a few releases that I’ve come across in the last few weeks that are pretty good.  Most came out last year, but, for whatever reason, I only recently picked them up.



Bellaras – The Thousand Tombs of a Broken God

The album starts off with a beautiful psychedelic ambient piece that sets the mood for the entire album.  Then it drops right into a series of slow, extremely heavy black metal dirges. It’s an excellent album, full of thundering riffs, simple yet effective drum work and a strong, singular tone and atmosphere. Available for free here.


Brotherhood of Sleep – Dark as Light

Kinda post-rock/metal/stoner sound that, at least initially, reminded me of Om and Isis; then some Pelican seeped in, and then there are even some Floydian moments.  Pretty heavy riffs, droning baselines and fairly technical drumming, these guys from Greece put out one fine record, a great way to kick off the New Year.


Dropkick Murphys – Going Out In Style

I love the Dropkick Murphys.  They have a signature celtic/punk sound that’s fun, entertaining and relevant; they also have a good working class attitude Their music makes me want to have a pint or three. This, their latest album is another strong release. Full of great songs and a few guests, Springsteen even shows up on a track.


Sector 7g – Scrap Metal

Sector 7g, consisting of MC Impulse and DJ Pseudonym, who, along with production MC/Producer Ecid are a hip-hop group from Minnesota.  And while Minnesota isn’t known for its hip-hop, the group’s debut album, “Scap Metal” is an excellent piece of underground, independent minded hip-hop. The group has cited L.A.’s own Freestyle Fellowship as a big influence and it shows.  “Scrap Metal” exudes a mid ‘90s L.A. underground vibe and the group would not sound out of place at Project Blowed. Production wise, it’s full of dusty break beats, distorted baselines and driving rhythms, all of which is accented by the deft scratching of DJ Pseudonym.  Lyrically, it is full of abstract storytelling and social commentary.  This is an excellent album, one that has once again restored my waning faith in hip-hop.


Witchrist – Beheaded Ouroboros

I first heard of these guys in a posting regarding the release of this album on vinyl, the release has some incredible packages and I hope to get my hands on the actual record soon.  This is really what a extreme metal record should sound like today.  Harsh, crusty, violent, angry, it’s the soundtrack to a nightmare.


OFF! – The First Four EPs

OFF!, consist of hardcore punk legend Keith Morris of Black Flag and the Circle Jerks, Dimitri Coats of Burning Brides, Steven McDonald of Redd Kross, and Mario Rubalcaba of Earthless and Rocket From the Crypt.  Originally released as 4 separate 7” EPS, then and a 7” box set, “The First Four EPs” was released on CD in February. The music here is classic hardcore punk.  With sixteen songs in just seventeen minutes, it’s fast, it’s angry and it’s raw.


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