The Antikaroshi – Per/Son/Alien

The latest release from the East-German post-punk band The Antikaroshi is a solid piece of classically influenced modern hardcore.  The band came up in the East German punk and hardcore scenes, a scene where in an effort to avoid close scrutiny by the government, bands kept their social commenting lyrics purposely vague.  As a result, “Per/son/alien” is the bands way of telling stories by using only fragmented lyrics

There’s a prog rock /space rock quality to the record and it solidly references post punk with some Gang of Four and Fugazi elements, as well as hardcore such as Refused and At The Drive In.  But it also the occasional hints of Primus, Pelican, a little Janes Addiction and, dare I say it, even a wee bit ‘o Radiohead.   Lyrically, the album is an intellectually emotional journey through inner conflict and struggles and is occasionally accented by samples of dialog.  The vocals range from a sing/songish scream to off-keyed croons to effects drenched chorus.

Overall, this is a really good release, not quite as heavy as most of the stuff I’ve been listening to as of late, but it has really pulled me in and I have listened to it several times since it came across my desk.


~ by silentium1 on March 21, 2011.

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