Witchrist – Beheaded Ouroboros

I had seen this album but didn’t know much about them and hadn’t had the opportunity to hear it yet, but once I saw the special vinyl edition, I knew I needed to take a listen. The vinyl, release by Parasitic Records, () includes:

  • 12″ Heavy Black Vinyl (180g)
  • Gatefold (for 2 records) 350g board with 4mm Spine
  • Full Colored Outersleeve Print as well as Full Colored Internal Print
  • 20 Page Full Color Booklet:
    • – Outer Pages (front + back) on 300gsm Art Paper Matte
    • -Inner Pages on 150 gsm Art Paper Matte
  • Full Colored Poster 24″ x 24″ mm in size. 150gsm Art Paper Matte

 I figured that if a record deserved to be released with such meticulous packaging, it was, at the very least, worth a listen. So, I picked it up and was quickly blown away. This is some seriously heavy music, in a lofi old school death metal way. Heavy and low guitars with tons of distortion, pounding drums that are mixed a little higher in the sound, deep, guttural growls and howls that flow right with the music, the occasional ambient passage and even a sitar to add a little something to the sound. Overall, its just really good, really heavy hardcore death metal, and while it may not be particularly innovative or groundbreaking, it is death metal done right. These New Zealanders know what they like and they know how to play it.

The packaging for this release is truly exceptional. The vinyl itself is heavy, it actually feels thicker then other 180gram albums I have, but that might just be my imagination. The gatefold has color printing on the covers and the inside of the jackets, as well as inside the sleeves. The booklet is really nice. It is full size and fits nicely inside one of the gatefold sleeves. It has the liner notes, lyrics and a unique picture accompanying the lyrics of each song. The font used is difficult to read, however, it works perfectly with the overall design and a cleaner font may not have complimented the artwork as well. Overall, my only complaint is that it would have been nice to have the album on double vinyl, but considering the effort that went into this and the overall package, it is well worth the money spent.


~ by silentium1 on March 25, 2011.

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