Record Store Day

This Saturday is Record Store Day and I encourage everyone to find their local record store and pay them a visit.  I’m not talking about your local Bestbuy or whatever super chain you have in your hood, I’m talking about the Rhino’s, Amoeba’s , Vacation’s and all the other local stores that carry independent music, that are staffed by people who actually love and know a thing about real music and most importantly, carry music on vinyl! 

Sure, I listen to music on CD and MP3; it’s really not convenient to carry a turntable everywhere I go, so I have CD’s for the car and I listen to MP3 at work.  But when I’m at home, I prefer to crack open a nice gatefold, gently pull a piece of 180gm colored vinyl, slide it onto the turntable, drop the needle into the groove and sit back and listen to pure analog audio.

Music is such an emotional thing and going digital just seems to makes it a little less personal.  In these days where we have 32gigs of music in our IPod , all we do is put it on shuffle and the music simply becomes background noise.  But with vinyl, it takes a little bit of effort and therefore, listening to the music becomes a reward, it becomes something meaningful.  You have to stop and think about what you’re going to listen to.  Then you have to pull the record out and then remove the vinyl from its sleeve. Then you place it on the turntable, drop the needle and listen.            Depending on the speed of the record, and the artist, you may have to flip the record after one song or after several, either way; you again have to make a little bit of an effort.

So do yourself a favor and head to the nearest record store and experience the joy that is record shopping.


~ by silentium1 on April 14, 2011.

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