Black Math Horseman @ 3 Clubs – April 23, 2011

On Saturday, we ventured down to LA for the Black Math Horseman show.  As some of you may know, Black Math is one of my favorite bands, so obviously I was pretty excited.

The night started off well with a stop at Leela Thai in Silverlake for some of the best orange chicken around. Next up, we headed over to Amoeba, where I picked up Unearthly Trance’s recent release “V” on double vinyl, as well as the Lebanon 7”.

Then it was on to 3 Clubs, after circling the block several times, we finally found some parking and made our way inside.  Taiga, which is the one man side project of Bryant Clifford Meyer (of Isis & Red Sparowes), was just finishing up with some interesting, down tempo ambient music.  Next up came San Francisco’s Nero Order.  Not bad, but not overly impressive. After having to resolve a blown bass amp issue, LANTVRN took the stage. I liked what I heard, the music was good, the singer was interesting and overall they had a good sound.  They are definitely someone to check out further. As they were wrapping up, we saw Danny Carey from tool walk by, which was really cool to see someone of his stature attending a free show in an LA dive bar.

Around 12:40, Black Math Horseman finally started their set and sounded incredible.  They just finished a European tour with a performance at Roadburn, and it did them some good because they played really tight.  They went through a few songs off their debut and then played two new ones, both of which were really good, so I’m excited to see their new album, hopefully it will be out soon.

After the show, we headed outside and saw Danny Carey again. After taking a few minutes to build up some nerve, we got the chance to talk to him.  Really cool!!!  For me, this was the highlight of the night.  I am a huge Tool fan, so to see him at the show was surreal enough but to actually talk to him was so awesome.  I was totally geeked! He was super cool, very friendly and actually seemed excited to talk with us.

So it was a great night, picked up some great food, a nice piece of vinyl, saw some great bands and met the greatest drummer of all time.


~ by silentium1 on April 25, 2011.

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