Lindi Ortega – Little Red Boots

Not much of a country fan, never have been, probably never will be, but there are a few artists I like, although I can probably count them on one hand…but what I am is a fan of good music, so it’s always nice when I come across something a little refreshing, regardless of the genre.  

Lindi Ortega is a country singer fromCanadaand she recently released her debut, “Little Red Boots” and I actually really like the record.  Musically, it’s got a good country sound that, at times, leans towards the alt/gothic country style of Slim Cessna and rolls into a rockabilly vibe at other times. Her voice has a Dolly Parton quality to it, at least that’s what other reviews seem to refer, but I think a better description would be that it sounds like Gwen Stefani, had she been raised on a steady diet of Willie Nelson and Johnny Cash.

My favorite songs are probably “I’m No Elvis Presley” and the title track “Little Red Boots.” The former is a playful boastful record that pays tribute to Elvis, while the latter is a sultry little number about her favorite article of cloths.

Hopefully she comes back to LA soon, I would love to see her live, based on the record, I think it would be a fun show.


~ by silentium1 on July 15, 2011.

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