All Pigs Must Die – God is War

This is one angry album, one that will have you banging your  head and bashing your fists into walls.  Featuring members of Converge and The Hope Conspiracy, as well as  production by Kurt Ballou, All Pigs Must Die sound pretty much what you would  expect, heavy blackened, d-beat infused hardcore.

Full of spiraling riffs, heavy, technical drum work and  screaming vocals, the album will amp you up, stirring up your anger but, like  all great hardcore records, it will also exercise your demons and by the end of  its brief 30 or so minutes, all your anger and frustration will be wiped away.

Over the last few months, Southern Lord has mainly released  some CD reissues, so its nice to see them return with a new album, especially  one has great as this.

It’s available on vinyl, as well as a few different special packages.  The mailorder CD version also includes their first EP as a bonus disc.


~ by silentium1 on July 26, 2011.

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