Caina – Hands That Pluck

Caina is a one-man black-metal band from the U.K.that is firmly influenced by post-metal, drone and shoegaze.  “Hands That Pluck” is their latest release, out now on Profound Lore.

The album starts off with the Darkthronish “Profane Inheritors” that’s awash in lo-fi splendor. Next up is “Murrain” which features vocals form Imperial of Krieg.  It starts off in similar territory as the opener, but it quickly moves into a post-rock style.  “Hand That Pluck” is next and it’s an instrumental drone soundscape that feature a dialog quote from the move “Cross of Iron. After the title track comes “The Sea of Grief Has No Shores”  which starts off with the distorted chorus of “I Got the Whole World in my Hands” that leads into a minimalist down tempo piece of sonic despair.  This is a beautiful song that departs from the heaviness of the first part of the album and provides a much needed break before jumping back into things with “Callus and Cicatrix.”  Featuring vocals from Rennie Remini of Starkweather, the song starts off slow with tortured vocals that lead into a little break down before getting heavy again with more filthy, soul wrenching vocals. “Somnium Ignis” is another dark and heavy piece with more darkly tortured vocals. “Haruspication” is up next and similar to the title track, it’s an ambient drone soundscape that features a dialog quote, this one from the movie “AntiChrist.” The song leads into “I Know Thee Of Old” witch starts of with a acoustic guitar and sounds of nature that leads into a heavy black-metal section featuring vocals form C. Ross of Blood Revolt. The final track “Ninety-Three: starts with a heavy trashing drum and feedback intro that flows into a slow, subtle rhythm backing pain filled vocals; the track picks up after a few minutes into a post-black metal sounding passage before closing off with a more up tempo jam that closes out the album nicely.

This is truly a powerful album that is so complex and features so many different influences that each time I listen, I hear some new.  While the harshness of the album may turn some away, with the various influences here, there really is something for everyone to appreciate.

Also, as a little bonus, the CD comes packaged with a bonus disk feature reworked versions of  four past Caine songs, as well as the four originals and a cover of a classic Nico song.

Pick it now at Profound Lore.


~ by silentium1 on July 26, 2011.

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