Feersum Ennjin, featuring Paul D’Amour (formerly of Tool, Lusk), Debut Album On Nov. 1‏

Anyone who knows me knows I’m a huge fan of Tool and while I love the bass playing of Justin Chancellor, I’ve always really appreciated the bass of original member Paul D’Amour.  His style built the foundation that they band has expanded on over the years and I was actually just talking to someone recently about his playing and we were wondering what he’s up to, so I’m pretty excited about this press release:

Los Angeles, Aug. 10, 2011 — Paul D’Amour, founding member of Tool and Lusk, returns to the world of heavy music with Feersum Ennjin’s self titled debut on Nov.1, marking D’Amour’s first rock release since 1995’s Aenima.

Following his work with Tool, D’Amour created the psychedelic outfit Lusk with Brad Laner (Medicine), Greg Edwards (Autolux, Failure) and Chris Pitman (Gun N’Roses).   Lusk released one critically-acclaimed and Grammy-nominated release, Free Mars, in 1997 but their label imploded shortly thereafter and the group subsequently disbanded.  D’Amour moved on to film composition, where he has spent the next dozen years quietly working on music for film and television.

“Feersum Ennjin really started as a series of studio experiments but gradually took on a life of its own.” Explains D’Amour on the reasons why he decided the time was right to create a new band after all of these years.  “All of the different musical experiences of my past took form as I found a melodic thread to tie them all together as one sound.  I’m looking forward to taking the next step, to make Feersum Ennjin a living, breathing entity that exists beyond the studio.”

Feersum Ennjin was recorded at variousLos Angeles studios with D’Amour acting as producer.  The band will announce tour dates shortly.



~ by silentium1 on August 12, 2011.

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