The Morningside – Treelogia (The Album as It is Not)

Metal has pretty much reached the entire globe, but it seems that we in America tend to only focus, with a few exceptions, on the American, English and Scandinavian bands. I think we forget that there are scores of bands from Eastern Europe. One country that has been putting out some excellent releases lately isRussia.

Moscow’s own The Morningside’s recent album, “Treelogia (The Album as It is Not)” is a great release.  The band calls its music “Melancholic Metal,” which is actually a good description as atmospherically, there is a depressive quality to the music and while I’ve never been to Moscow, the music matches the images that have been put in my head by movies: Cold. Overcast. Gloomy. Yet somehow it’s beautiful with a sense of hopefulness.

The album consist of one song, broken up into three parts and per the press release, it either tells the story of  a man who was lost amongst the trees and permanently became one of them or the story of a of man fleeing from something, perhaps, his past, who found harmony or loneliness or insanity among the trees. Regardless of what story it is telling, it’s a powerful and moving work of art.

Apparently the albums subtitle, “The Album as It is Not” is referring to the fact that this album is more like a single as it its really only 1 song, however at 50+ minutes its longer than many actual albums out there.


~ by silentium1 on September 22, 2011.

3 Responses to “The Morningside – Treelogia (The Album as It is Not)”

  1. Cheers from distant snowy Russia! Thanks for the review! To us very pleasantly your attention!
    The Morningside.

  2. Thank`s so much! TreeLogia is very personal album for us, We greatly worried for this release!

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