Freddie Hubbard – Pinnacle- Live & Unreleased from Keystone Korner

I really love Jazz.  I mean, I really, really, really love Jazz. When I listen to it, it just seems to make the world a better place.  When I’m down or frustrated, a little Mingus, Coltrane or Coleman relieves the stress.  For me, it’s the classics that really do it.  There is some really good, modern stuff out there, stuff that is really innovative and sounds incredible, but it just doesn’t have that little something extra that the classics have.  

My favorites Jazz instrument has always been the trumpet, sure, I love the bass, you can’t have a great record without that bottom end, but there’s nothing quite like having that trumpet weave in and out along with the rhythm sections. Now Miles Davis I, with little doubt, the most important trumpet player in jazz and I love his music, but for my money, I’ve always preferred Freddie Hubbard, his playing is so soulful and his compositions speak volumes.  

Another thing I love is discovering new music, stuff that’s been previously unavailable or stuff that’s pretty rare. So it was with immense pleasure that I came across the new release “Pinnacle- Live & Unreleased from Keystone Korner.” This is a new release of some nearly 30 year old live performance by Freddie Hubbard atSan Francisco’s Keystone Korner Jazz club.

It features performances of some of Hubbard’s classic pieces, such as “The Intrepid Fox” and “First Light.” It also includes a beautifully executed take on Coltrane’s masterpiece “Giant Steps.”

For a 30 year old live recording, the sound is incredible. The recordings are taken from the personal archives of club owner, Todd Barkan. This release comes in an excellent package that includes detailed liner notes by many of the contributors, as well as lots of photos from the period.

Any fan of Jazz should own this album!


~ by silentium1 on October 7, 2011.

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