Rêx Mündi – IHVH


There are a lot of Black Metal bands popping up these days and, as with any genre, most are lacking something, but occasionally one comes along that’s figured it out, which brings us to Rêx Mündi, a fairly new band from France and their debut album “IHVH”. The band released the demo version of the album in 2005 but went back and reworked/re-recorded the album for a professional debut.

Full of chants, demonic screams and religious sound bites, the album falls strongly into that classic anti-religious stance prominent in metal, but while there are some satanic moment and influence, the overall vibe of the album is more esoteric and spiritual, with some heavy Qabalahic influences.

Musically, it covers a lot of bases, from the slower, Burzum-like passages to moments of post-rock atmospherics to heavier and faster Darkthrone trashing…but if I had to pick the closest reference point, it would probably be Deathspell Omega.

The only disappointment here would be the production. The mix seems off a little and while I know Black Metal likes to keep it Kvlt, this sounds more like amateur mistakes as opposed to intentional low-fidelity. But don’t get me wrong, the quality of the music is strong enough to overcome and the production does not ruin the record. 

This is another excellent release and according to the band, it’s the first of what will likely be a trilogy.  In recent interviews, the band has commented about how the record was recorded and some of the changes planned for the next record, so I can’t wait to hear what the next one sounds like.


~ by silentium1 on October 31, 2011.

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