Wolvhammer – The Obsidian Plains

Imagine sitting next to the window of a little shithole apartment, looking out over a crusty, urban landscape.  The buildings are crumpling, covered in barley legible graffiti, with the bricks permanently stained by the toxic sludge in the air. Police sirens constantly blaring in the distance, interrupted occasionally by the booming thunder of gun shots. Barely legal youngsters selling their body and soul on the corner.  A crushing feeling of despair permeates your soul. The perfect soundtrack to this little scene would be “The Obsidian Plains.”

The latest release byMinneapolis’s Wolvhammer, “The Obsidian Plains” is a rage filled journey into the urban jungle. It’s dark, depressing and full of rage, but with moments of the kind of melancholy that can only come from living within a dreary, polluted cityscape.  Like many black metal bands these days, Wolvehammer allows various influences to affect their music, but where many of these bands have failed, Wolvehammer succeeds, primarily because they have allowed their rage to remain in control.  Sure, I like a lot of the more introspective, progressive black metal bands, but at times I just want to rage, I want to let my demons go and with its sludgy crust filled take on black metal, “The Obsidian Plains” is that type of record.

This is another string contender for album of the year, but beyond that, it’s sure to be my sound track throughout the winter.


~ by silentium1 on October 31, 2011.

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