People Under The Stairs – Highlighter

PUTS are one of those groups that have been around fro a while but I always kinda forget about.  Every one of their albums has been really good, but they just weren’t the memorable to me.  I don’t think it was their music, it’s always been more my mindset at the time.  Unfortunately, their records seem to come out at times when I’m not feeling hip-hop. But luckily, I’m in the mood for some good, quality hip-hop right now and I’m really feeling their new record “Highlighter.”

According to the press release, “Highlighter’s outside collaborators comprise a group of influential LA indie-rock producers, engineers and live players featuring everything from full string sections to vintage vibraphones & keyboards.” When I fist read that, I thought of Sage Francis’s last record “Li(f)e” which was produced by various indy rock musicians, so I expected something more in that vein. But “Highlighter” is far from it.  It’s really a Hip-Hop record in that classic vein.  Full of dope drum breaks, creative sampling and an overall groove that propels the album along with a funky vibe.

This is a really solid album and honestly, it just might be the Hip-Hop record of the year!


~ by silentium1 on November 4, 2011.

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