Feersum Ennjin Record Release Party

Last night, Mike and I went down to Silverlake for the Feersum Ennjin record release party.  Feersum Ennjin is the new project by Paul D’Amour, the original bassist for a little band by the name of Tool. It was held at a little bar on Glendale called the Cha Cha Tavern.

As we were in Silverlake, we had to first head over to Leela Thai, my favorite Thai restaurant.  I really love this place, great food and you can bring your own beer.  So we had some Heavenly Chicken and Egg Fried Rice and washed it down with a few bottles of Stella.  Good times.  If you’re ever in Silverlake, do yourself a favor and hit up Leela Thai.

Next we went up to Cha Cha’s.  We were a little early, so we ran into Rockaway Records, a great little used/collectable Record store.  Nice spot, I’ll be going back down there when I have a little extra money.

Around seven, we rolled into Cha Cha’s and quickly got a glass of Stella. We got the chance to talk to Paul and his wife.  Really cool people, very down to earth.  We also met a few of their friends, one is from Process Media. We talked with her about a recent book they published called “Go Ask Ogre.” The book is made up of letters written by the author to Ogre from the band Skinny Puppy.  It sounds like a really good book.  They also recently released a documentary called “The Source: A Documentary” about Father Yod, the Source Family and Ya Ho Wha 13. Another of their friends wrote the script for the Lamb of God video “Ruin,” which is my favorite video by them.

Later, Danny Carey, otherwise know as the greatest drummer in world, showed up.  He played drums on a song from the Feersum Ennjin album.  As some may remember, we’ve ran into Danny a few times over the last year, but this time, Paul’s wife made a point of introducing us to him.  Really cool!

So it was a really good night in Silverlake.  It was an honor just to be invited to the party and the fact everyone was so friendly and welcoming just made it that much better.  The Feersum Ennjin record is really good and I recommend you go pick it up as soon as it gets released next week.


~ by silentium1 on November 18, 2011.

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