Nails & Skin Like Iron – Split EP

Nails’ “Unsilent Death” was one of my favorite hardcore albums from 2010 and I’ve been waiting patiently for their follow up. With that full length due sometime in the first half on 2012 on Southern Lord, this self-released split 7” with San Francisco’s’ Skin Like Nails is a nice little piece of wax to pass the time with.

The first two tracks are excellent examples of more modern hardcore from Skin Like Nails.  Both tracks are melodic and energetic, fierce but not brutal. If you’re not familiar with this hard working band, this is a good introduction.

Personally, I prefer my Hardcore with a little more bite to it, so it’s the two tracks from Nails that I’m interested in and they don’t disappoint. Nails always bring a relentless barrage of hate-filled fury and this is brutal Hardcore at its best. “Annihilation” at 2:51 is a bit long for a Nails song, but over its duration, the band tackles all aspects of their influences from Punk, Grind to Hardcore and even a little Sludge. At just 24 seconds, closing track “Cry Wolf” is one of the most brutal half-minutes on record. You can call this stuff Crusty, Violent, Devastating, Brutal, Furious, Face-Pummeling or any one of those catchy Hardcore Buzz-words,  but most of all it’s simply  mesmerizing and it makes me long for their next full length!.


~ by silentium1 on January 3, 2012.

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