Comatose Vigil – Fuimus Non Sumus

One more review today from our Russian friends, this one from the Funeral Doom band Comatose Vigil.  It’s been five years since the band released their EP “Narcosis” and after a few line-up changes the band returned to their original line-up to record and release “Fuimus Non Sumus”

With some metal sub-genre’s it’s difficult to know exactly what the music will sound like.  Genre’s such as Black Metal have so many different styles that while you may know basically what to expect, you’ll be hard pressed to peg down the exact sound.  Funeral Doom however, sounds exactly as the name implies. It’s always a dark, slow, heavy, depressing, cold dirge. One problem with such a definable style of music is that it tends to get stale; the various bands start to sound the same. So it’s refreshing when a band is able to maintain the genre while creating something original.

Now I am no expert when it comes to the genre but after listening to “Fuimus Non Sumus” many times over the last few weeks, it’s obvious to me that Comatose Vigil manages to do just that.

With only three songs, all of which come in around the 25 minute mark, the songs here are long, cold brooding dirges of despair. And even with the length, the songs never bored me, there are some repetitive parts and the songs could have been a little shorter but overall, I never felt my self waiting for them to end.

If you are familiar with the genre and have the time to commit, this is an excellent album, however, if you have yet to experience Funeral Doom and you prefer your music is short bursts, you’ll probably want to stay clear.


~ by silentium1 on January 31, 2012.

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