Reido – Minus Eleven

Another great record from the guys at Slow Burn, this one comes to us from the Belorussian band Reido.

Much of the stuff that Slow Burn releases is in that Post-Metal/Sludgy/Doom genre, so similar terms pop in the reviews for bands on the label but that does not mean the music isn’t good or original. 

Reido do have a familiar sound but to their credit, its hard to pin down exactly who they sound like. The band takes Funeral Doom, Sludge, a little mathy rhythm and blends them into a powerful and supremely heavy dirge, one that matches the violent, anti-social theme of the album.

Sonically, the album is loud, with the overall recording sounding very clean and crisp, yet with the guitars maintaining a crunchy tone.  The mis is excellent, with the drums, base and vocals layered perfectly within the guitars.

Go to for more information.


~ by silentium1 on January 31, 2012.

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