Occultation – Three and Seven

After making some noise last year with their Somber Dawn 7” EP, Occultation return with their debut LP, “Three & Seven.” The band includes EMM, the mastermind behind Black Metal stalwarts Negative Plane, on vocals/guitar/organ, V on vocals/ drums and MAL on vocals/bass.

Much like their name suggests, the music here could be the sound track to a dark occult ritual, one that unites the spirit world with our earthly realm.  Ritualistically slow; psychedelic swirls; prog influenced dirges; ethereal vocals that evoke images of a dark and ghostly séance. The songs are trance inducing and they pull the listener into that void between the living and dead, where you can almost see the spirits encircling you.

With a mix of 70’s prog, classic metal, as well as black metal, doom and even classic horror movie soundtracks, Occultation take all of their influences and create their own unique sound. The band really succeeds in creating a dark and foreboding atmosphere, one that brings to mind a collection of dark and powerful imagery, when music can do that, you know you have something special.

The album is brought to us in North America by Profound Lore on April 17th and in Europe by Irelands Invictus Productions.


~ by silentium1 on April 17, 2012.

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