Ramesses – Possessed by the Rise of Magick (Justin K Broadrick Remix)

“Possessed by the Rise of Magick” is one of my favorite doom releases of recent memory. The album is an impossibly heavy and dark journey into the occult rituals and is a perfect example of what doom should sound and feel like. The band, through their own label, Ritual Productions, has now re-released “Possessed by the Rise of Magick” in a special double LP edition complete with new a new mix especially for vinyl by the one and only Justin K Broadrick. 

“Possessed by the Rise of Magick”, the bands third full length effort, sees the band at its best to date. Like the best of the genre, the music slowly cycles and builds upon itself in ritualistic fashion, creating an atmosphere of impending doom, pulling the listener into a trance.  The singing varies compared to previous efforts, the rough vocals are largely replaced by clean, port-punk Joy Division/Cure vocals, but they work here, adding to the ritualistic vibe.

With this release, the big question would be regarding the new mix.  Is it needed? Does it do the music justice?  The answer is a resounding hell yeah!.  The only complaint I have with the original is that the production is muddled and the instruments blend at times.  With new mix, it has been done rght.  All instrumentation is clear and the vocals are at the right volume, yet the album still maintains an overall grittiness that makes the music that much heavier.

This special edition is being released as a deluxe red foiled gatefold, with full color inner sleeves. There are 800 copies of 180 gram black vinyl and 200 copies of 180 gram clear red vinyl.

Unfortunately, at this time, its only available through the label, which, based in England, means it’s a hefty price tag to get it here in the states,  but it is well worth the money to hear an album like this as it was meant to be.

Order it here:



~ by silentium1 on August 22, 2012.

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