D.O.A. – We Come in Peace

On August 5th, some pathetic, worthless piece of crap walked into a Sikh Temple in Wisconsin and opened fire, killing six people and wounding another four. It seems that the shooter was former solder and a neo-Nazi. It appears his actions were motivated by an extremist right ideology.

In what some might call a coincidence, I first listened to “We Come in Peace” that same day.  The album starts off with a little track called “He’s Got A Gun.” The song is all about a gunman, who influenced by an extremist ideology, goes on a shooting spree and unfortunately, it happened….and will continue to happen.  =This song is a great example of what’s made D.O.A. such an important band over the last thirty years or so, they have always had a knack for writing relevant songs full of biting commentary on society.

“He’s Got A Gun” is just the beginning of a great record. The songs here touch on a variety of progressive topics, such as unions, war and corruption; they even bring out Jello Biafra for the Occupy anthem “We Occupy.” Rooted in hardcore punk, but with a good dose of ska & dub, “We Come In Peace” is exactly what a punk record should sound like. It’s an angry record, but like most great political punk bands, the message is mixed with a healthy dose of sarcasm and wit. With the radios full of so-called punk like Green Day, its refreshing to know there are still bands out there that know how to throw down. .

“We Come in Peace” was released on July 31st


~ by silentium1 on August 31, 2012.

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