The highly anticipated new release by the elusive UK extreme metal act DRAGGED INTO SUNLIGHT has finally come to fruition. “Widowmaker” – which, the band stresses, is not to be considered a follow-up to their 2010 debut “Hatred For Mankind” (reissued by Prosthetic in 2011) – is set to be released on Nov. 6 in North America, Nov. 5 in the UK and Nov. 9 in Germany. 

“Widowmaker” was produced by Tom Dring during three recording sessions over the course of two years and includes additional guitars by an unnamed member of UK cult metal band Bossk. The grueling 40-minute, three-track album has been described by the band as “everything heavier and everything louder than everything else” with “an oppressing overtone of complete misery, depression, and isolation” in true DRAGGED INTO SUNLIGHT form.

DRAGGED INTO SUNLIGHT keep their idenities hidden by appearing masked in photos and playing with their backs to the audience in near-total darkness. Their “Hatred For Mankind” debut earned extensive international acclaim, with Decibel giving the album a 9/10 rating (“If this record had hands, they’d choke the nearest throat,” the magazine said), while Metal Hammer compared it (positively) to “being smacked in the face with a truck full of demons.”

The group proceeded to earn additional acclaim on tour alongside Godflesh, Morbid Angel, Electric Wizard and Cough, in addition to performances at such prestigious festivals as Roadburn and Maryland Death Fest – where, according to Exclaim magazine, “there was not a member of the audience left unravaged by the group’s crushing set.”

More information on “Widowmaker” will be revealed in the coming weeks.

For more information on the band, stay tuned to their website:


~ by silentium1 on September 5, 2012.

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