Eight Bells – The Captains Daughter


Eight Bells is a new band, two thirds of which come from SubArachnoid Space, a band I heard of but am not really familiar with. “The Captains Daughter” is their debut album and it comes to use from Seventh Rule, who over the last few years have built a pretty solid roster of forward thinking metal bands.

“The Captains Daughter” is a black metal and drone tinged journey through psychedelic doom. Featuring fore tracks over about 30 minutes, each song takes it time exploring various themes. The vocal are minimal and are typically used more as an instrument, creating a harmonic balance with the guitar work of SubArachnoid Space alumni Melynda Jackson. The bass, courtesy of classically trained six-stringer Haley Westeiner, is heavy and full of grooves, providing a solid foundation. Chris Van Huffel, also of SubArachnoid Space, is on drums, laying down a thunderous back beat. Together, this trio has created a truly beautiful dark piece of art.

This is really a great record, a perfect way to start the year off.

“The Captains Daughter” will be released on Feb. 19th and should be available from http://seventhrule.com/ soon.



~ by silentium1 on January 11, 2013.

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