Fell Voices – Regnum Saturni


With music, I typically need to be familiar with a band or artist before I spend my hard earned money on their records, but there are a couple of labels with such excellent track records that I will gladly purchase anything they release without even hearing it first:  Southern Lord and Profound Lore. And now we can add Gilead Media to the list.  With its recent string of superb releases, the label has quickly become a favorite of mine.

After the recent Ash Borer “Bloodlands” record and the reissue of “Destroyer“ by Inter Arma, Gilead returns with the latest from West Coast black metalists Fell Voices. “Regnum Saturni” is made up of three songs, the shortest being over seventeen minutes. Each song starts with ambient intros that leading into heavy black metal dirges. Keyboards play there part throughout the songs, but in a minimalistic way, adding to the background and the overall atmosphere of the songs. Vocals are a low, guttural howl that, while not buried in the mix, never overshadow the music, also adding much to the overall atmosphere. This record is so powerful, it’s harsh, yet beautiful; it’s dark, yet glimmers of light shine through; it’s chaotic, yet rhythmic. This is, in my humble opinion, exactly what black metal should sound like.

The best thing I can say about this album is that it demands to be heard, over and over again.  I get probably a dozen or so promos every week, in addition to the tons of music a buy on a regular basis and with all that at my hands, this album has been at the top of my rotation for since the promo arrived.

Regnum Saturni, which clocks in at 62 minutes, will be presented as a gatefold 2LP w/hand screen printed etched D-side. The release will feature a heavy-duty old style tip-on jacket w/spot gloss print, metallic silver LP labels, 180g black vinyl, and download code.

Preorders for the album, as well as shirts are up now at Gilead

Also, OMGVinyl is hosting a contest to win a test pressing of the album, although the contest will probably be over by the time you read this.


~ by silentium1 on May 1, 2013.

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