Osoka – Osoka


Sitting here in America, you tend to forget that there’s a lot of great music coming from around the world. The former Soviet Union in particular, has some really good bands, especially in the stoner/doom realm. Osaka hail from Russia and bring a nice slab of drone infused sludge on the always reliable Slow Burn Records.

The album is full of hypnotic, droning guitars, rhythmic drums and slow chanting vocals, all which work to create a somber, melancholy atmosphere. The songs are long, most are in the eight to ten minute range, and while repetitive, the never sound boring.  The songs move along a slow pass, but with an urgency that pulls the listener along.

While not really breaking any new ground here, Osoka deliver a solid album, full of beautifully crafted songs.


~ by silentium1 on August 9, 2013.

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