VOLTO! – Incitare


I’ll admit that I was only drawn to VOLTO! due to Danny Carey’s involvement.  As one of the best drummers around and as a member of one of my favorite bands, TOOL, my interest was piqued immediately.  Once I made my way down to the Baked Potato, the little club by Universal Studios that the band plays at on the regular, I was immediately blown away by the bands jazzy, proggy jam band approach to performing. Now, after several years of playing the small venue, the band has finally released their debut record, Incitare.

Danny Carey may be the big name here and the initial draw for many, but he not the star of the show. In fact, there is no real star here, what makes the band so good, is that each member brings there superb musicianship to the table.  These songs are a product of the group’s cohesiveness.

This is a great album and a great introduction to an incredible band.  While the album, for the most part captures the jazzy fusion of their live shows, you have to see them live to fully appreciate them. During their sets, the joke around, the mess up parts of the songs, they argue about what cover to do and have just an all-around great time. So if you can, go see these guys live, but while waiting, pick up the album.


~ by silentium1 on August 9, 2013.

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