A Little About Me…

I’m a music geek, plain and simple.  I really, really love music and you know what they say: “Those that can do, those that can’t write about it.” So I have a little blog where I can write about music, I also write for a free magazine based in Southern California called Obscene Magazine. 

I also occasionally write about politics, so I have another blog for that. I’m a socialist, so my political writings tend to fall into the “rant against authority” category. I’m also an anti-capitalist, which is ironic considering my day job is with one of the worlds largest corporations, but someone has to pay the bills.

So there you have it, I’m a socialist music geek who when not working or dealing with his kids, listens to and writes about lots of music.

Just so you know, TOOL, ISIS, RATM, De La Soul, Charles Mingus, Public Enemy, Jay Munly and Clifford Thornton are my favorite artists, Se7en is my favorite movie and “The Motorcycle Diary’s” by Che Guevara is my favorite book.


2 Responses to “A Little About Me…”

  1. Hi !

    We want to submit to you our EP for a review, is it possible to get an email adress in order to send you all infos ?

    Thanx a lot


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