Most of you probably don’t know, or even care for that matter, that I used to make a little music. Never did anything professional, but I played around for several years.

Recently I came across some of the recordings I had made over the years. These were just demos of varying quality. Most aren’t arranged very well, if at all. Most are concepts that were never fully realized. The recordings are very lo-fi and are not mixed. However, I decided it would be fun to put them together as a little album, create some artwork and upload them for anyone to hear.

Time & Space



Armageddon (Take 2)



2-19-01 (Take 2)

Come for You


Distorted Disturbance

Distorted Woes


Kol Nidre

Kol Nidre (Take 2)


Oblivion (Inferno Mix)

Oblivion (endangered Species Mix)

Ear Examination

Ear Examination (Short, Alternate Mix)

Piano Tuner


Prince Igor

Space Ripper

Time to Die

Time To Die (Bonus Beat)

We Are Here

We Are Here (Version 2)



Panther (Long Version)

Panther (alternate Version)

Panther (Bonus Beat , No Horns)

Panther (Bonus Beat, Short)

Panther (Echo Mix)

Gandhi Was Here

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